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  Okay, so the dread the day has arrived, your car insurance is due yet again and the renewal premium is absolutely horrendous! Like most others you have a simple choice, either buy car insurance or sell your car, but there is a better way; find a much cheaper insurance policy.

Easier said than done, you may say, you've tried all the insurance brokers on the high street and they all offered you outrages premiums. Perhaps now it's time to learn a few tricks of the trade and get those premiums slashed to the bone -- it is not all that difficult.

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The first thing you probably need to do is to change your insurance company, and simply by doing that you will probably get a discount of anything between 10% and 50% off your new insurer's premium. Why? Simple. All the insurance companies are battling each other for the fixed number of policies which will be bought every year, and sometimes marketing can get a little dirty so many of them buy the business by offering a huge discount to new customers, secure in the knowledge that when the premium zooms back up to its previous level next year the majority will simply grin and bear it. I did say the majority,but not all buyers fall for this because there are now a substantial number of insurance purchasers who change companies every year in order to chase the best bargain, and why not?

Secondly, shop around, and shop around again online and you will almost certainly find a considerable difference between the cheapest quotation that you get and the dearest. Make sure that you are comparing like for like however, some of the cheaper insurance companies are able to cut their prices by the simple method of cutting their benefits! Make certain that the policy that you finally buy covers all your requirements.

Finally, make yourself into a better risk for the insurance companies. Make certain that your car is parked every evening in a locked garage or on a driveway at least, fit an approved burglar alarm and immobiliser, and accept the highest voluntary excess that you feel that you can afford. These measures alone are likely to earn you a substantial discount from the normal premium cost.



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